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Metta Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd

Estd: October, 2009

Meaning: Metta in Pali Language means loving-kindness, or boundless love.


Slogan: “Travel With Compassion”

Vision: Cultivate Love through Interaction (People and Nature)

Mission: Our Mission is to connect a passionate traveler with right destination and people within Nepal. 

Our Core Values
i. Respect for Life.

We lead tours that are Vegetarian.

ii. Right Value for your Money
We deliver what we have promised you. We price our tours with reasonable profit.

iii. Correct Information
We provide you with the right and correct information available.

iv. Respect the relationships:
We treat everyone equal regardless of gender, race or religion.We treat our clients, employees,  partners & other stakeholders with mutual respect and recognize the importance of diversity.

v. Respect for Health
We believe life is fully enjoyed when we are conscious. We don't promote to use any External medium (Alcoholic, Drugs Etc) to maximize the experience.

vi. Continuous Learning/ Updating
We strive for excellence in service and performance through continuous learning and improvement of the Industry. We also believe there is much to learn from our clients.

vii. We follow Responsible Travel Guidelines.
- Maximize the economic benefit to the local communities
- Ensure that we minimize our impact on the environment and help to conserve
- Maximize the Positive Impact of Cross Culture exchange.

viii. Practice Compassion
We believe in creating the world full of love and compassion. We practice Metta and Metta Meditation.